PTS design team are committed to providing uniquely functional and commercial designs, assuring the safety features and the best quality.

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PTS manages the construction of renovations, buildings, developments, and Fast Track Retail projects.

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Who are we?

PTS is a unique design & construction firm offering a range of tailored, integrated solutions to development organisations, internationally and throughout north America region.

PTS carries a wealth of experience in creating unique designs for the world’s leading hospitality brands, restaurants, bars and independent operators.

At PTS, we believe that every space presents an opportunity to innovate and inspire. We take the time to listen to your needs and get to the heart of your requirements for each and every project.

This enables us to develop novel ideas, exciting schemes and detailed designs for each project, that enhance your brand image and generate great returns on your investments.

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Ask for Design & Build

Tell us what you expect for your project, and PTS team will work to create a customized design based on the design concepts serving the identity of the spaces.