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Any design starts with an idea, sometimes a feeling or even an imagination. What matters is that there is always a philosophy behind, making you imagine a character for the project and set the main concepts, colors, and design elements tailored to create the design.


Our team of Architects and professional engineers works under high-pressure environments and difficult circumstances in hot-spot locations with high efficiency.

Franchise mangement

PTSWORLD in a joint venture with CIN with a team of experts supporting the development of successful franchises.

Build Your own restaurant

  • Handover
  • Construction
  • Permit Package
  • Design

In this phase, we conclude all pre-opening features, including ( POS, CCTV System, Public Address System, and other services that assist in the operation) also, the customer shall receive the project documents and close the project to be ready for operation.

How it works

Our team makes sure the approved design implemented on-site precisely and as per the permit issued, starting with the construction time plan, progress reports while complying with all health and safety measures.

How it works

How it works

  • - We understand your brand, and we feature a strong brand identity using design elements that enriches your identity.
  • - Design is the most crucial phase as you will be able to imagine how the will restaurant will look like precisely by reviewing the 3D designs and layouts.

How it works


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Our Team

Our Team